Child Care Anxiety

Discover how to identify and support childhood anxiety in this training for early childcare providers, covering its manifestations across different ages, strategies for adapting routines and environments, and methods for documenting signs to collaborate with parents and community resources.

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Course description

This training will inform early childcare providers of the emerging mental health issue children are developing known as childhood anxiety. Early childcare providers will examine what is childhood anxiety and how it is observed throughout different age periods of the child’s lifespan. The training will explore self-teaching practices, changes of the child’s routines and the childcare environment to help support children with anxiety. Early childcare providers will understand how to effectively document the signs of childhood anxiety to collaborate with the child’s parents and community resources. 

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Child Care Anxiety



Child Care Anxiety

“As a Licensed-Exempt Child Care Provider, the pilot METC apprenticeship program has helped me a lot. I have been able to complete all my classes and apply for the additional 20% increase while I was waiting to become licensed. I now know how the process works because of the information received in this program. I’m so grateful for these classes, and the time my mentor took to make sure I was on the right track. I really appreciate this program, and I hope other providers will get the opportunity and experience that I got from METC.”
Claudette Sarpong
Pilot Apprenticeship Mentee
photo of Claudette Sarpong