Yoga and Mindfulness For Children

Come join METC’s new class to learn the benefits of practicing yoga and mindfulness for children.

Description & Materials

Course description

This training will support children’s mental and physical health. Yoga & Mindfulness is a healthy coping tool to help children and staff release stress, promote physical activity, and help children focus on the present moment. This class is open to all Family Child Care Educators, and you will receive gateway credit and stipend payment. 

Course materials

Yoga and Mindfulness For Children



Yoga and Mindfulness For Children

“As a Licensed-Exempt Child Care Provider, the pilot METC apprenticeship program has helped me a lot. I have been able to complete all my classes and apply for the additional 20% increase while I was waiting to become licensed. I now know how the process works because of the information received in this program. I’m so grateful for these classes, and the time my mentor took to make sure I was on the right track. I really appreciate this program, and I hope other providers will get the opportunity and experience that I got from METC.”
Claudette Sarpong
Pilot Apprenticeship Mentee
photo of Claudette Sarpong