Mindfulness Practice: Meditation

Explore mindfulness practice and meditation in this training, where you'll learn its history, benefits, and application in the classroom for children aged 2 and up, including techniques for staff and parents to help children and adults manage stress and enhance mental and physical health.

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Course description

This training will describe what is mindfulness practice and mindfulness meditation. We will explore the history of mindfulness, the benefits of this practice and how it can be applied in the classroom for predominately children 2 years and up. Staff members and parents are encouraged to practice these techniques with the children in our program. As we are facing many transitions in today’s time, mindfulness practice and meditation is encouraged to help children and adults release stress and worried thoughts. It has many mental and physical health benefits. It is a practice that can be applied in almost every environment of a child’s life. The child can take this practice into adulthood as positive coping mechanisms when they deal with obstacles, conflict, or a crisis. 

Course materials

Mindfulness Practice: Meditation



Mindfulness Practice: Meditation

“As a Licensed-Exempt Child Care Provider, the pilot METC apprenticeship program has helped me a lot. I have been able to complete all my classes and apply for the additional 20% increase while I was waiting to become licensed. I now know how the process works because of the information received in this program. I’m so grateful for these classes, and the time my mentor took to make sure I was on the right track. I really appreciate this program, and I hope other providers will get the opportunity and experience that I got from METC.”
Claudette Sarpong
Pilot Apprenticeship Mentee
photo of Claudette Sarpong